• Image of "Early Birds" Sidereal June releases Bundle 3x vinyls / Preorder

This is an offer to buy in bundle one copy each of our June releases on vinyl at a more affordable price than purchasing them individually (and probably saving money on postage too).
In order to not mess up with the inventory of the same titles that are on sale also individually, please note this bundle is limited to 20 purchases.

In detail, you will receive the following:
Dim Lights 'Starspire' LP white/blue marble vinyl (list price 20.00€)
Olivier Orand 'H+' LP red vinyl (list price 20.00€)
Solar Fields 'Altered: Second Movements' 2LP Brown in beer vinyl (list price 26.00€)
(please check mockups in the respective product file in the store)

Cost of the whole bundle 56.00€ (instead of 66.00€)
Please note, your order will be shipped when all 3 vinyls will be in stock (last week of June)

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