• Image of Solar Fields "Red" 2LP (red-8227 vinyl, single product purchase)
  • Image of Solar Fields "Red" 2LP (red-8227 vinyl, single product purchase)

The time has come to bring Magnus Birgersson's praised chromatic trilogy to its wax form: Red, Green and Blue will be released separately, one every two months, each one on double LP format and with gatefold cover, and in two different versions: the solid full-color version and with black marbled shades (more info below).
Therefore and in example: "Green" will come on green vinyl and green/black marbled vinyl.

The first installment, Red, will be released in August, Green will follow in October and Blue will complete the trilogy in late November.

You will be able to purchase each one separately, but if you preorder the complete lot in advance you will be rewarded with an exclusive solid cardboard box to house the three gatefolds.
The box will not be for sale and is strictly limited for the first 200 fans who will order the whole trilogy only. Preordering the full set will grant the marbled version of all vinyls.

Now, to beging with "Red":
- Double LP in red-8227 color vinyl, 100 copies limited
- Double LP in red/black marble vinyl, 200 copies ltd, only available with the complete trilogy set (and receive a free cardboard box with lid).

SHIPPING CONDITIONS: since the three albums will be released several weeks away one from the other and we do not want to leave you waiting, this is what happens if you preorder the whole trilogy:

- "Red" will be shipped right away, on August 21st (whatever the vinyl color option you choose)

- "Green" will be shipped in October (note: we will sync this with the reissue of the "Until We Meet The Sky" album on vinyl, not bound to this of course, but you may want to add another record and reduce shipping costs).

- "Blue" and the housing cardboard box will be shipped in November.

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