• Image of UPS / Fed Ex  shipping ADD-ON

Please add this "ghost product" to your cart before checking out if you want your order to be shipped via UPS/Fed Ex and not as a Post (registered) parcel.
A few notes: this is reccomended for some countries like USA/Canada and Europe (UE) as the price might be acceptable for you when implying a safer and faster (door delivery) service.
This is not available for Russia, and we do not reccomend this for Far East and Oceania (too expensive) in general.
If you live in remote areas although belonging to important countries we might contact you back to edit and update the final price (i.e.: if you live in Madeira, it does not cost as Portugal.... Hawaii do not cost as USA... Isle of Wight is more expensive than UK... etc.)

Which one of the two freight companies will be used? Fed Ex will be used for what we still call "eastern europe" (UE) and maybe Switzerland, while normally we will use UPS

Unfortunately this BigCartel store does not allow us a very specific pricing/options, so in some cases this could be overcharged more than what we will spend: in such a case, when a difference will be remarkable (i mean not 0.75€) we will refund some money